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Nightclub owner posts TikTok clip of himself misusing accessible parking bay

Joe Cant

A TikToker has been slammed on social media after they uploaded a video of themselves getting out of their car parked in an accessible bay next to free standard parking areas outside Tesco Extra in Gateshead, Tyneside.

Joseph Cant posted the video on Monday when his BMW took up a parking space reserved for disabled drivers.

In the footage Cant says: 'I'm not being funny but if 20 men in wheelchairs show up then I just fully will apologise'.

The camera then cuts to his embarrassed girlfriend who looks ashamed of her boyfriend’s ‘stunt’ 

Cant, nightclub owner and founder of Dash Events, adds: 'and I know for a fact that all the NPCs [non-playable characters] will still say that I'm in the wrong'.

The video has already been viewed over 700,000 times with viewers expressing their anger and disappointment.

One reply read: 'The point is, if everyone acted like you then there would be no disabled spots left.'

A second said: 'It's called having a bit of respect and principles mate.'

Whilst a third commented: 'Your missus looks so embarrassed to be seen with you.'

But some came out in support of Cant.

One person said: 'Let's be honest, there's nothing wrong with it. It doesn't matter that it's not what some would class as a 'nice car' if it's his pride and joy. Why risk it getting dinged?'

Another added: 'I do the same.'

The car park is managed by APCOA, which states any vehicle parked in an accessible bay failing to display a valid blue badge can face a £70 fine, which is reduced if paid within a fortnight.

A spokesperson for APCOA said: 'Signage at the Gateshead Tesco Extra car park, written in accordance with British Parking Association guidelines, clearly states that if you are parked in a disabled bay, you must display a valid blue badge.

'It is an enforceable car park and those who do not display a blue badge are in breach of regulations and may therefore be liable for parking charges.'

[ Tesco encouraged customers to be considerate of other car park users and said their rules are clearly written on signs. ]

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