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Mum throws disabled son into canal swarming with crocodiles

Savitri Kumar

A mum has been arrested after she allegedly threw her disabled six-year-old son in a canal swarming with crocodiles after a heated argument with her husband.

The boy, who had hearing loss and a speech impediment, was mauled to death in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, India, on Sunday 5th May.

Savitri Kumar, 32, blamed her husband Ravi, 36, for making her lose her temper and throwing their son in the crocodile infested water.

The mother admitted to Hindustan Times they both thought their child, Vinod, was a burden to the family which has caused a number of arguments between them over the years..

Inspector Krishna Barakeri said: “After a quarrel over the same matter escalated on Saturday night, Savitri [pictured above] allegedly threw her son into a waste canal linked to the crocodile-infested Kali river around 9pm.”

Savitri told police she is mentally tortured by her husband, who instructed her to throw their son to the crocodiles.

“My husband is responsible. He used to keep saying let the son die and that all he does is eat. Let him be, I’d say. If my husband keeps saying that, how much torture can my son endure? Where will I go to share my pain,” she said.

Neighbours called authorities when they witnessed the horrific incident, but police had to wait until the next day to search for the body because night had already fallen.

The boy’s body was found between the jaws of a crocodile with severe injuries, a missing right arm and bite marks over the skin.

[ Both Savitri and Ravi Kumar were arrested on murder charges. ]

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