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Met Police Officers poke fun of Katie Price’s disabled son

Katie Price and Harvey

The Met Police have been called out by Katie Price after they launched a private WhatsApp group where they exchanged messages poking fun of her disabled son Harvey.

Eight serving and former officers contributed to the “Secret Squirrel Shit” where they would make homophobic, transphobic, racist, homophobic, sexist comments and “applauded sexual violence against women”.

Some of the messages were at the expense of Price’s son Harvey, who has Prader Willi syndrome and autism.

"They need to be punished, they were big enough to make all these comments and now they have to deal with the consequences," Price told ITV News London.

"This is a WhatsApp group made by eight police officers we are talking about a lot of messages going on for two years [between 2016 and 2018] and something has to be done."

"They are disgusting human beings!" Price added.

The eight officers involved are subject to three allegations and are said to have breached standards of professional behaviour relating to equality and diversity, authority, respect and courtesy, challenging and reporting improper conduct and discreditable conduct.

One of the officers involved, Luke Thomas [the highest ranking officer in the WhatsApp group] poked fun of Harvey’s weight.

Price, 44, said:  "I've got some comments here and some are just too shocking to say.

"There's one here which has a horrible swear word in it says: 'For a cunt he can't see and can't find his way to the fridge and a biscuit jar with little difficulty.'

"That's mocking Harvey for him being born blind.

"It is disgusting, it is shocking and it upsets me. It really does upset me but I have to be strong because I've got five children and the other four will read about this and I have to be strong for Harvey - it's shocking, it upsets me."

Apart from one all the other officers in the WhatsApp group have been named - former acting Police Sergeant Luke Allen, former Police Constable Kelsey Buchan, former Police Constable Carlo Francisco, former Police Constable Lee South, former Police Constable Darren Jenner, Police Constable Glynn Rees, and Officer B, who has been granted anonymity, faced a gross misconduct hearing at Empress State Building in Fulham, west London, on Tuesday.

"I know you can Google stuff and people are horrible about Harvey but this is a private WhatsApp group," Price told ITV News.

"Who set up that group? Who wanted to join it and for what reason?

"From what I've gathered it is not just about Harvey there are other things they said about other people and I'm absolutely shocked.

"As a mother, I'm so heartbroken and so upset.

"Harvey luckily does not understand it but I do as my other children do - they are old enough to read this and my family. Something has to be done.

"If these guys are not punished then I give up because these are professionals you look up to and they need an example made.

"If there is not an example made of them then where do you go from there?

"Me being in the public eye - they picked on a boy who was about 15 at the time, he's 20 now, which makes it worse he was a minor.

"He cannot speak or defend himself but I will. They need to be punished.

"They were big enough to make all these comments and now they have to deal with the consequences."

Price went on to say how much respect she had for the police, but their “amazing job” has been let down by a handful of officers.

She added: : "First of all, hopefully, they are going to prison for it and be punished.

"If they don't I want them to meet Harvey even though Harvey does not deserve that.

"Definitely an apology.

"This is not a money-making thing I just want an example done - these are police officers there to protect us.

"If they are doing it and getting away with it the system is corrupt.

"They are disgusting human beings."

[ Four former officers in the WhatsApp group have admitted sharing offensive messages about Harvey Price. ]

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