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Liverpool Fans throw flares at disabled people during quarter-final match

Mohamed Salah celebrating scoring a goal in the f a cup quarter final

A flare was thrown into the accessible area at Old Trafford over the weekend by sore Liverpool fans after their team was beaten by Manchester United 4-3.

The incident happened on Sunday when Mohamed Salah scored before half time leading Liverpool 2-1 in the FA Cup quarter-final clash.

When their opponents took the lead a Man U fan threw a flare which landed in the wheelchair area below whilst crowds chanted ‘always the victims, it’s never your fault’ and ‘The Sun was right – you’re murderers’ referring to the Hillsborough disaster in 1989. 

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police told the Daily Mail: ‘GMP can confirm that an arrest has been made in connection with tragedy chanting at the Manchester United v Liverpool fixture this afternoon.

‘Incidents of tragedy chanting will not be tolerated and will be dealt with robustly. We are all familiar with fans taunting their opponents at football matches, but this is generally done in good humour and without offence.

‘The incidents today crossed the line of what is acceptable, and we will work closely with both clubs to identify anyone responsible for committing offences during the event.’

An FA spokesperson added: ‘We are aware of the reported tragedy chanting during today’s FA Cup fixture between Manchester United and Liverpool and we will be liaising with and supporting Greater Manchester Police.

‘We strongly condemn any offensive, abusive and discriminatory chants in football stadiums, and we are determined to stamp this behaviour out.

‘It is entirely unacceptable and can have a lasting and damaging impact on people and communities within our game.’

[ On 12 September 2012, the Hillsborough Independent Panel concluded that no Liverpool fans were responsible in any way for the disaster, and that its main cause was a "lack of police control". ]

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