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Fans struggle to buy Peter Kay accessible tickets

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It was no laughing matter when a couple of fans tried to book tickets for Peter Kay’s 2018 tour at Manchester’s Metro Radio Arena last weekend.

Claire Lund-Larsen and Jordi Wafer shared their frustrating experiences attempting to purchase accessible tickets at the North East music venue.

Jordi was left waiting on the phone for over an hour after calling a line designated for people with disabilities, but she was cut off at the last minute.

Claire also had difficulty booking tickets, she believes the venue doesn’t offer a fair service for those requiring accessible tickets.

She told Chronicle Live: “When I tried to buy tickets on Sunday, I was able to select tickets and get to the checkout no bother.

“However, to buy accessibility tickets was not allowed. There was an icon to click for accessibility tickets but this just brought up a message that Accessible Ticketing requests be solicited only through the Arena.

“Therefore, if you’re disabled, you have to either phone a 0844 number which is an expensive phone call (and was constantly engaged) or you have to go to the box office in person.

“One problem though - the box office is closed on Sundays!”

Claire added: “I feel let down by the Arena and don’t understand why tickets cannot have gone on sale on a date when their box office is open.

“I understand for an event as large as Peter Kay, it would probably be his management team who have decided the on-sale date.

“If this is the case, then why can’t the Arena open their box office on a Sunday for the same hours that they’re open on a Saturday?

“At least this would give me and my partner a fighting chance to get tickets and if they were sold out at the box office by the time we arrived, then so be it.”

A spokesperson for the venue said: “The Peter Kay on sale on Sunday morning saw phenomenal demand for tickets across the entire UK.

“The sheer demand for tickets meant all means of purchasing tickets were exceptionally busy with additional dates being added instantly to accommodate fans.

“The Metro Radio Arena offers a dedicated phone line for our accessible customers as well as an email address which many customers have successfully used to secure tickets for this sold out event.”

Peter Kay tickets are available to buy through his official website.

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