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Family of disabled girl was sceptical after she found love with non-disabled partner

Maureen and Rio

When Maureen Kartika introduced her new boyfriend, Rio, to her family they were sceptical about the relationship, asking themselves why a non-disabled man would date their daughter who had been a wheelchair user since the age of 10.

The couple from Indonesia proved her wrong, they have been going out for the past 15 years, but still receive abuse on social media from trolls.

Trying to educate the uneducated Maureen and Rio have posted a series of videos on YouTube showing their true love for each other after they met through an online gaming community in 2006.

Maureen, 29, was born with a weak motor system, at the age of 10 she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Years later doctors told her she was also living with pneumonia, Maureen now wears a tracheostomy tube to help her breath.

She kept her disabilities hidden at first to Rio and her fellow gamers.

'At first I was a bit shocked because I don't know anyone with a disability.' Rio recalled to Truly YouTube.

But soon Maureen’s health was no barrier for him, in fact it makes him love her more and has no problems cooking and feeding her, helping her out of bed and making his partner feel ‘beautiful’.

At the start of their relationship Maureen’s family didn’t ‘trust’ Rio believing his intentions were false.

Her brother, Eric, told Truly:  'Maureen is different from the others so I'm a bit overprotective of her. 

'At first, I didn't really trust or believe Rio. I mean [I thought there may be] a different intention. Is he really in love with my sister?' 

He also had concerns that his sister met Rio online because he was not sure how he would react after finding out she was disabled.

'At first, I had a lot of concern and a lot of questions. I needed to know more about Rio's intentions,’ Eric admits.

'Does he really care about you or are there other things that he wants from you? Like you both were teenagers and I thought maybe it's just a small crush. 

'But as time went by, I saw how he loves her and takes care of her.

'They have a good relationship.’

It isn’t just Maureen’s family the couple have to contend with, they are also exposed to a lot of hate on social media.

‘There's a lot of stigmas about interabled couples.' Maureen told Mail Online.

She went on to share just one of the many comments the couple receive from those who can’t understand why a non disabled person would date someone with a disability.

'One comment told me to "let him go" because "he deserves better, he deserves a girl who can help him, serve him, become his wife,” Maureen said.

Other messages tell the couple ‘This can’t be real’ and direct their abuse towards Rio telling him ‘You just know she's got money.’

But the couple don’t let the trolls ruin their beautiful relationship.

 'An interabled couple is not impossible because when there is love anything is possible,' Maureen said, with her arms wrapped around Rio.

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