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ELECTION 2024: Labour director makes crude remarks about disabled people

Stewart Owadally

The Labour Party has decided to allow their general election director for Wales to keep their role after they wrote derogatory slurs about disabled and gay people.

Stewart Owadally’s Twitter/ X account was deleted after he made the offensive remarks in four separate posts, but the MS remains in the Welsh parliament.

One of the messages addressed Nick Griffin, former leader of the British National Party, when he was a Member of the European Parliament picking him up on a spelling error.

Mr Owadally pointed out to the far-right leader that “You can’t spell you spaz”.

A second post, where Owadally responded to a tweet, read: “I ANSWERED FUCKING QUESTIONS!!! Sorry, you’re a total idiot. Can’t be bothered with you any more. Utter halfwit. Mong.”

In a third post, Owadally stated he had  “Apparently have turned into a total retard tonight”

His final post achieved a double whammy, making offensive remarks to the disabled and gay communities saying, “I dunno why ‘gay’ stopped being used as a derog, It’s like how ‘spastic’ isn’t allowed any more too.”

The posts were sent to NATION.CYMRU with photographic evidence and a message which read:  “Been holding on to this for a few years but seems apt right now to show the types of people Vaughan Gething surrounds himself with.

“His, I think adviser but I’m not politically astute enough to know his role exactly Stewart Owadally once ganged up on a close friend of mine alongside some Labour MS’s …………online and caused him to attempt suicide because they’d piled on him so badly retweeting mean things about him from their accounts.

“Subsequently we found out Owadally had some hideous tweets on his account which we reported to the Labour Party, conveniently his twitter vanished quickly and I’m led to believe he now has a fairly new one, but Labour found that “no wrongdoing” had taken place despite the things he’d tweeted attached above.

“Might not be relevant but thought worth passing on given the current situation.”

 Secretary of State for Wales David TC Davies said: “I’m appalled that a senior apparatchik in the Labour Party and a close ally of the First Minister was prepared to write such abhorrent messages. He was using derogatory terms that show a disgraceful lack of respect to people with various kinds of disability as well as to people who are gay.

“This episode raises further questions about the First Minister’s judgement.”

Owadally’s tweets were investigated in 2020, when they were shared on social media, but judging by the fact he still holds his place in the welsh government it seems appropriate action was never taken.

A Welsh Labour insider said: “These terms of abuse cause real hurt and pain – there is never an excuse for using them. People have been suspended and even expelled from the Labour Party for demonstrating such prejudice on social media. That they were tweeted some years ago is never accepted as an excuse in these cases.

“As a former staffer, Stewart will no doubt be aware of and perhaps even involved in such cases. Has he advocated for these individuals to be given chance to grow? The party need to show they take it seriously and let those impacted understand what the sanction was.

“Failure to do so suggests it wasn’t taken seriously at all.”

[ The General Election is to take place on 4th July ]

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