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Disabled woman sparks bus debate on TikTok

a picture of Anastasiia Berezikova next to a still from her tiktok video showing the bus driver with the words mind you able people on the bus stop were able to come in. This is what disabled life is like. You can't get anywhere and disabled life gives you p t s d

A disabled woman from Melbourne, Australia, has labelled a bus driver ‘ableist’ because he wouldn’t let her board, but many people believe there was a valid reason.

Anastasiia Berezikova, 23, shared her story on TikTok where she mentioned the driver explained the coach was full and it would be ‘unfair’ to ask a passenger to give up their seat.

However, as Berezikova has a mobility scooter she is entitled to a priority space on public transport.

The clip has sparked a debate on social media where some say she should have been allowed on the bus, whilst others side with the driver.

Berezikova’s video, filmed on 19th November, shows the driver changing the sign to ‘sorry bus full’

The woman then begs other passengers to give up their seat. In the clip she singles out one non-disabled person whom she asks: ‘So none of the able-bodied people want to help a disabled person?’

After the commotion she is told by the driver a second bus is on its way.

The video has split people’s views on who was right and who was wrong.

One person agreeing with Berezikova replied: 'Bloody hell how rude and inconsiderate are people nowadays they only think about themselves.’

Another said: 'I'm so sorry, Australia has a horrible attitude around these kinds of things, it really is a free for all.”

A third wrote: 'You definitely should have gotten a seat, people in wheelchairs should be first on so the people at your stop should have been told to wait.’

But a number of people believed the driver had good reason for not allowing Berezikova board.

'On the bus you get priority seating, yes. But you don't get priority to ride - if it's full it's full they can't just kick people off,' one replied.

Another response read: 'You're prioritised a seat/space on the bus if there is a space on the bus, they can't just kick someone off that's on before you.’

The driver also had another wheelchair user fighting his corner, who wrote: 'You're assuming people are discriminating you when they're not.’

In a second video Berezikova claimed passengers disembarked who pushed in front of her to give up their spaces.

Ms Berezikova suffered two cardiac arrests leaving her in a coma throughout July 2021 which were triggered by  undiagnosed Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis.

She was left with Lance Adams disease which has restricted her coordination, speech and motor skills.

[ The first bus service was between La Madeleine and La Bastille in Paris in 1828. ]

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