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‘Disabled’ wheelchair user stands up after drugs search

the drugs seized from the passenger

A man, appearing to be a wheelchair user, managed to stand up and walk without any difficulty or support when he passed through security at Milan’s Malpensa airport.

The ‘miracle’ happened after sniffer dogs found a stash of cocaine hidden inside his chair after the passenger was wheeled off a flight from the Dominican Republic.

Security was notified after the canine started sniffing at the man’s luggage, but nothing illegal was found inside his cases.

However, a more thorough search uncovered vast amounts of the drug, worth €1.3million, concealed inside the leather upholstery of the electric wheelchair.

When drugs were found the ‘disabled‘ passenger made a miraculous recovery as he stood up from the chair and started walking independently before being taken into custody.

Security found 11 packets of cocaine weighing 13.35kg hidden inside the passenger’s wheelchair.

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