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Disabled trans activist is trolled for military job

 Ana Mardoll

A woke group has cancelled a disabled transgender activist author after their role at Lockheed Martin was exposed by a Twitter user.

The tweet, posted on July 30, revealed Ana Mardoll was working at the defence contractor. In response Mardoll, who has not denied the allegation, posted on their now deleted Twitter handle:'I've been aware that someone is trying to dox me and @ everyone I know in the process, so I might as well address some things here. I'm sorry I have to do this.'

'I work at a large corporation which I will not name. I work in software licensing, procuring text editors and code compliers for others.' 

Mardoll continued: 'I do not procure code for anything.'

'I got this particular job because my family works for the same corporation. I stay because I'm on an unusual part-time arrangement for medical reasons.' 

They added: 'I stay because I'm on an unusual part-time arrangement for medical reasons. It's hard to find a remove WFH job that will give me medical insurance but let me work 10-20 hours a week.'

The person said they set up the account 'because I think other LGBTQIA ppl shouldn't work for companies that do war crimes.' 

Mardoll has published a number of books including the Earthside series and the Rewoven Tales novels.

Lockheed Martin's website states its inclusive hiring section  'supports individuals with disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations to remove identified barriers that may arise in the completion of essential job functions.' 

The person who doxxed Mardoll, who is thought to be based in Bangkok, also tied Ana’s address and personal social media accounts to her job at Lockeed Martin on a Medium blog, but the information was removed because it violated the site’s standards.

They told MSNBC’s Katelyn Burns: ‘Did you know Ana Mardoll works for Lockheed coding for an arms company that commits war crimes?'

Burns responded by tweeting: 'If you're accusing my friend of war crimes that is next level insane.' 

She added: 'Looking forward to weirdo lefties doxing every Lockheed Martin employee with this much glee since I’ve been informed it’s not really about this one person that these weirdos have obsessed over for months.' 

In a past interview with Splinter News in 2016 Mardoll said: 'I have a gender, but it's not a simple binary male/female setting. The label I use most often for my gender is 'demigirl', because that fits me the best.'

One of their fans defended Mardoll on Twitter saying:  'From what I understand a queer disabled person is stuck in the capitalist pipeline of feeding the military industrial complex and some dirtbag left types are harassing xer about it.'

Another fan addressed the doxer saying:  'I'm genuinely puzzled - do you honestly think that working for a company means someone approves of everything that company does? Like, I work for the US government, does that make me morally culpable for every action the gov takes?'

A third fan tweeted: 'Seems peculiar that out of all the 114000 people employed at Lockheed Martin, the one getting singled out and given shit for it happens to be a trans person.' 

Ana Mardoll lives with another trans boy in Texas with their five cats.

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