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Disabled men asked to leave a gym

 Afiq Azman in the gym

A Malaysian gym has been called out after the manager was caught on camera asking two disabled male members to leave the premises because they are giving the company a poor reputation.

In a leaked video a female voice shouts at the men: “We are scared that it’s dangerous for you people."

Horrified at the remark, one of the men, who uses a wheelchair, whips out his phone to record the startling conversation.

He replies:  “I know, but it’s usually stated in the gym’s rules and regulations."

One of the men then challenges the woman asking if it's stated under the rules that people who fall under the OKU bracket [ the term used in Malaysia identifying people with disabilities] are not permitted to use gym facilities.  

The owner then replies in the affirmative saying she will raise the issue with her manager.

Since Afiq Azman, 29,  uploaded the video on Twitter the footage has gone viral.

He told SAYS, the manager's response was: "Because you are disabled, you are prone to accidents when you are using our equipment, and it’s dangerous for you. Your physical condition is not suitable for this gym."

The manager went on to say any accidents on the premises would tarnish the business’s reputation.

Azman said:  “I told her that I’ve been here for four months, and there has been no issue, and she responded to me that this was her first time seeing us, and she was shocked to see OKU training at her gym."

He told the owner: "I’m disabled, but I know how to handle myself. I won’t simply use equipment that is harmful to me."

But despite his valiant effort, the men were asked to leave the gym.

Azman added: “I asked her where should I go if I couldn’t come here, and she told us that we needed to find another gym that was appropriate for our condition."

[ Afiq Azman chose the gym because of its disabled facilities such as accessible restrooms and a working ramp. ]

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