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Disabled man murdered as he live streamed on TikTok

c c t v footage showing two men on a motorbike pulling up beside Pedro Luis Rezabala  in his wheelchair

A disabled social media influencer has been shot dead whilst filming a livestream on their TikTok account.

Pedro Luis Rezabala was allegedly murdered on a street at around 9.45am in Portoviejo Ecuador on 17 October.

Viewers of the 33-year-old’s live feed watched Rezabala, better known as ‘Lagrimita’, fatally shot on camera; the homicide was also caught on CCTV.

The shocking clip shows Rezabala outside his home last Tuesday evening in his wheelchair drawing a firearm as two men arrive on the scene riding a motorbike firing shots at him.

A third man then appears behind Rezabala and fatally shoots him in the head, the four men then make a quick getaway leaving the victim on the ground next to his wheelchair.

After the video went virtual it emerged that Rezabala had a criminal past, being caught up in drug trafficking, possession of weapons, violent behaviour and robbery.

He was with a friend, who managed to flee the scene, when he was shot.

Rezabala survived a murder years ago which left him paraplegic in his legs and unable to walk.

There are also reports that he witnessed one of his family members being murdered at some point in his life.

[ Since 2016, Ecuador's homicide rate has soared by almost 500 percent to an estimated 22 murders per 100,000 people in 2022. ]

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