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Disabled bridesmaid out for revenge over evil bridezilla

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A disabled bridesmaid has gone public on how she got her own back after being the victim of a cruel prank at the wedding.

The anonymous woman has limited mobility, using a walking stick she can just about manage to cover 10 feet before feeling severely uncomfortable.

When one of her best friends asked her to be a bridesmaid she was over the moon, but little did she realise what was in store.

Relaying the events on Reddit she posted: "She made a couple of what she claimed were innocent comments about my walking stick. I offered multiple times not to be a bridesmaid and would assist in any other way I could help. She refused every offer and insisted I had to be a bridesmaid.

"Then I heard from another close friend (and also a bridesmaid) that she was very upset that I was insisting on using my walking stick. She made a comment saying that she was just going to hide it and then I would just have to go without it. Looking at the mutual friend's face when she said that she tried to laugh at off as a joke."

But would the bride really be that malicious and hide her disabled friend’s stick on the day of the wedding?

Well, sure enough on the big day itself the woman’s walking stick went missing whilst the bride was having her hair and makeup done.

 "I was not happy, and told everyone I have to have it back," the bridesmaid continued. "I cannot walk down the aisle without it. The bride insisted that they didn't know where it was and they looked everywhere and I was just going to have to make do.

"I said 'so after you joked about taking my walking stick it goes missing, and you want me to make do???' Her exact words were 'you'll just have to do what you can do to get up the aisle'.”

The bridesmaid kept quiet and carried out her duties..nope, that’s a lie…she was out for revenge!

It was then the woman decided to take her revenge. "I texted my boyfriend [and] he went out to the car and brought in a mobility scooter that I had rented just in case I needed it," she shared on the social media platform.

"The bride who had been talking to her father and not paying attention did not see the scooter until she started to walk up the aisle and there are her three bridesmaids. Two standing tall and me sitting on the most hideous looking multicoloured sparkles mobility scooter I could find.

"If looks could kill she would have planted me. Within seconds of the ceremony ending my walking stick had been found. She and her new husband brought it over to me, and told me it had been found and I could get that god-awful scooter back out to the car.

"I mustered up a tear and told her I was so sorry but I was in so much pain from having to try to walk without my walking stick that there was no way I would be able to go without the scooter. I am very proud to say that the scooter is in over 90% of her wedding photos."

As you can imagine the horror story sparked a string of replies coming out in support of the bridesmaid.

One reply read:  "I think you win the internet today.”

Another said: "*Backs mobility scooter into cake table* "Whoops!""

A third congratulated the bridesmaid saying:  "I salute your pettiness. Well done fine human. Excellent planning!"

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