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Dad asks doctors to saw off healthy hand so he can be disabled

a person attempting to cut their hand off with a razorblade

A father living with a rare condition has asked doctors if they would chop off his hand because he believes it doesn’t belong on his body.

The dad-of-two from Sydney, Australia lives with body integrity identity disorder [BID], people with the disorder can feel uncomfortable with their physical appearance and would rather be disabled.

They told Ozzie TV show The Project: “My left hand does not belong, it has been that way my entire life.

"Even wind blowing on my hand stops me doing whatever I'm doing... I used to forge notes from my mother to get out of sports [in school] if I had to use my hand."

The dad, who wishes to remain nameless, has tried to cut his hand off in the past, but "only got part way before the pain got too much".

He was booked to have his limb amputated three years ago, but lockdown happened and the only surgeon who agreed to form the operation has since retired. His only option now is to fork out a small fortune and pay to go private.

Not much is known at this stage about BID which can start showing symptoms from the ages of eight to 12, many of the people it affects knows another amputee, but there is no evidence-based treatment for the condition.

[ Cricketer Rowland Bowan used a hacksaw to chop off his healthy right leg in 1968. ]

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