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Bride-to-be uninvites disabled sister to her wedding

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A bride-to-be has explained why her disabled sister was not invited to the wedding ceremony.

The woman went public on Reddit admitting she made her sibling, Anne, 26, feel lonely and isolated when she was left off the guest list.

Anne was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15, despite being in remission every time she finds a lump, alarm bells understandably start ringing.

The bride-to-be said: “My issue is that she always makes these announcements that she needs to go to the doctor again at the worst times. At the beginning, I thought it was just bad timing but it has happened so many times when I hit a milestone.”

She continued: “My graduations, my birthdays, my engagement party. Anytime she makes an announcement she needs to go back to the hospital my whole family flock to her. I have had my birthday dinner turn into my relatives flocking to her for the whole night.”

When she told Anna that the wedding date had been confirmed, the same thing happened. Anna told the mothers she had to go back to hospital.

“Soon everyone forgot about the reason for the dinner party and it was quiet. My aunt even stepped in to pray for Anna. Another event was taken over. I went low-contact with her after that,” the woman explained.

Two weeks ahead of her wedding, the bride-to-be was told Anne would be using a wheelchair. “I asked if the rest of the family was informed and she told me no,” the bride-to-be explained. “I told both of them they needed to inform them. They told me they don’t want to worry them and won’t do that.”

The woman said if the family were not told, Anne would no longer be invited to the wedding. When Anne refused to tell any relatives she was told she was no longer welcome at the ceremony.

She added: “This started a huge argument about how I’m a dick and my point is that I am sick of her stealing the spotlight. That is what will happen if she rolls in with a wheelchair.” 

People came out in support of the woman, one replied:  “I really do wanna say that you’re the asshole but I do have to admit that there is something off here. If your sister loudly announces complications during milestones and is now all of a sudden being very hush-hush about being in a wheelchair, that is weird. I’m going to take a chance on you and say not the asshole.”

[ Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was originally thought that the vein in the finger led directly to the heart. ]

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