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Twitch urged to launch Disability Pride Month

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Twitch users are campaigning for a Disability Pride Month.

The social media platform has supported Black History Month, Pride Month and Hispanic Heritage Month, but has yet to back campaigns for disabled people.

Streamer QueerlyBee suggested the idea saying the lack of disability awareness on Twitch is "a big missed opportunity".

They said on the UserVoice platform: "Being a content creator as a disabled person adds a whole host of additional challenges, such as navigating algorithms that favour consistency with inconsistent bodies. Finding games and programs that are accessible for us for streaming, etc.

"I would love to see Twitch uplift the hardworking disabled creators by also hosting a Disability Pride Month and highlighting disabled creators the way they do with Black History Month, AAPI month, LGBTQIA+ month, etc."

Within 24 hours the post received over 350 votes.

One reply read: “I have heard people say, that ableism is like a last frontier. I agree. One way to combat that, is to amplify the voices of disabled people. But I want this to be diverse within the disabled community, we need a wide variety of representation, and methods to destigmatize what it is to be disabled.”

Another commented: “What a great idea! There are so many disabled streamers it'd be a great community building thing.”

A third said: “Disabled folks often are excluded from the narrative when we discuss marginalized communities and twitch is the perfect place to highlight and uplift these creators. there are intersections from all walks of life who are disabled and offer different perspectives and you'll always find their streams are the most imprint at thing: safe and accessible. give disabled creators a month!”

You can read all replies from QueerBee’s post on the Twitch platform.

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