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Pensioner rescues abandoned disabled dog

Josephine Newhall with Morris

An abandoned blind and deaf dog found abandoned by a canal has found a new loving owner.

Morris, a shih tzu, was recovered by a member of the public in Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside, on 25 March, close to death.

The dog, which had severe vision loss and hearing loss, was handed over to a vet who needed to remove 2.8lb [1,3kg] of fur before they could start treating Morris’s other complications.

Morris was found by Josephine Newhall who witnessed the “shocking sight” at Portland Basin, it was only after closer inspection when they realised the bundle of fur was actually a dog.

The vet handed Morris over to the RSPCA who rushed the dog to their Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA told BBC News: "Staff immediately got to work to shave off 1.3kg of matted fur, which was preventing him from moving.

"Once they could see his face, they realised he was also blind in one eye and the other had so many cataracts he needed an operation and they were unable to save his sight."

Murray was then taken to the RSPCA Lancashire East branch so they could recuperate before he  "landed firmly on his paws" when the "sprightly pensioner" from Wythenshawe, adopted him.

Ms Newhall, 82, lives in a bungalow which they believe is perfect for Morris as it creates a safe and easy environment.

She said Morris "loves playing with his tennis ball" and has formed a great bond with her daughter’s dog when they pay a visit, as the two were "really good friends and it has helped his confidence".

"Morris is a beautiful little dog and enjoys snuggling up to me on the settee.

"He is great company and when you think where he has come from it is a miracle he is still here."

[ The RSPCA has been looking after vulnerable animals since 1824 ]

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