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Missing Deaf skunk is returned to its rightful owner

Sky the skunk having a sleep

A deaf skunk who went walkabouts from a garden in Dorset has been found alive and well…and probably quite smelly.

Sky wandered out from their home in Purewell, Christchurch, on Friday night with her owner Sharon Tyler fearing the worse.

But the brown and white skunk was found late Tuesday evening chilling under a car close to her home.

She was eventually tempted out by a pIece of chicken before she was taken back to Ms Tyler’s back yard after the concerned owner launched a public appeal on social media to find her missing pet.

In the post Tyler warned people to keep their distance from Sky who is “fully loaded” and can shoot off an unpleasant spray if she feels threatened.

Tyler told BBC News Sky was very dirty when she was returned home and “as grumpy as normal”, the relieved owner went on to say the skunk is  "safe and sound... I am so happy".

[ A skunk’s spray causes no real damage, external but the rotten egg smell can linger for many days. ]

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