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Mae Murray Foundation is working towards an inclusive society

team members from the mae murray foundation on a beach next to a surfboard

Mae Murray worshipped her granddaughter, Talia - who had cerebral palsy - being a grandma she wanted to ensure her disability would not form any boundaries stopping her living life to the full.

Mae passed away in 2012, but her legacy lives on through her surviving daughter Alix Crawford, a chairperson for The Mae Murray Foundation.

Alix said: “Making sure Talia had a fun and positive quality of life, on a daily basis, was Mae’s ongoing goal and she succeeded. Our lives were enriched each day because of her. Of course, the void she left cannot ever be filled, but the ethos she embraced, with others like her, can be replicated.”

The charity believes by working together everyone can make a difference to a vulnerable person’s life and become an inclusive society.

Their mission is: ‘To improve quality of life through participation, of all-abilities, together. The Mae Murray Foundation has been set up to allow people of all ages and abilities to take part in activities, experience the world and enjoy friendship together in an inclusive environment.

We recognise one another to be of equal and inseparable value, regardless of: – physical or learning ability; medical or undiagnosed condition; age or caring role. Families and individuals are welcome to join us, regardless of their religious, cultural or political beliefs; ethnicity; gender identity or sexual orientation.

Our work includes delivering a range of innovative all-ability projects for different age groups, as well as designing and implementing permanent solutions in everyday environments to break down unnecessary barriers to participation.’

The charity provides a number of services including a free Resource Library where you can trial equipment before you buy, Outdoor events, specific events for teenagers and people aged between 20 - 40 and excursions to an Inclusive Beach which provides free parking and Changing Places toilets.

[ Mae Murray Foundation’s bannerline is Creating Change Together ]

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