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Ground-breaking suits eases pain for disabled people

Jack Reeve wearing a Mollii suit

Students at the National Star College in Ullenwood, near Cheltenham, are road testing a new body suit which can ease the pain and movements for people living with physical disabilities.

The bodywear which sends electrical stimulation signals to the muscles have been branded “a real benefit” for the disabled community.

Jack Reeve, who has cerebral palsy, said the suit makes him feel “like a new man” and intends to wear one at his wedding so he can have the first dance with his fiancée.

The groom-to-be has benefited from the trial as his condition limits the control he has over his limbs and core, but this has been reduced since wearing the suit.

Physiotherapist Anesu Madondo told BBC News: "Jack is more comfortable in his chair and he is more energetic.

"He's been building up his tolerance for walking,” she said.

"Jack loves dancing. Being up on his feet is really important to him and during his physio sessions we have been trying to work towards that goal of being able to dance at his wedding."

Reeve (pictured above) said:  "Many of my friends have had operations to help with muscle spasticity.

"I don't want to go down that route and hope the suit will help me avoid surgery in future."

The Mollii suit comes with a jacket and trousers which has built-in electro-stimulation suitable for children and adults living with disabilities affecting their motor function which can be worn for up to an hour. The suit can ease pain for up to 48 hours.

Rachel also has cerebral palsy, she too has noticed how the suit can reduce the pain she feels on a daily basis.

Her physiotherapist, Olivia Williams, said: "She's had benefits across the board; her function, grip, sitting up, holding a cup without help, as well as her balance - and she is able to walk for longer.

"The more independent these students are, the better it will be for everybody.

"All the staff are noticing how much the students are benefitting from the suits, and it's been quite emotional at times."

[ National Star College is trailing seven Molli suits and will record the progress the bodywear has on disabled students ]

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