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Government promise to improve accessible facilities in playgrounds

A children's playground

The Government has announced it will make playgrounds more accessible so disabled children don’t feel excluded.

Local councils will be given guidance on how they can make their play areas more accessible.

The Government's Disability Action Plan acknowledges accessible facilities for children "differs significantly" and some disabled youngsters  "are not always able to use the playgrounds in their local areas".

There will also be a fund set up supporting disabled people wanting to run for elected office, more legal rights for people with assistance dogs when they are refused access to a business and a bid to host the 2031 Special Olympics World Summer Games.

Minister for Disabled People Mims Davies said: “The Government is determined to transform the everyday lives and experiences of disabled people for the better. Over 1 in 5 people in the UK are disabled. We want to tackle the barriers that prevent disabled people from fully benefiting from and engaging in our society.

"That means making this country the most accessible place in the world for disabled people to live, work and thrive.”

Stephen Kingdom, campaign manager of the Disabled Children’s Partnership, said he was pleased the government is planning to improve access at local playgrounds, but feels there is still more work to be done.

He said: "However the plan doesn't amount to a complete strategy to address the systemic failures for disabled children and young people."

Labour’s shadow DWP minister Vicky Foxcroft, was also happy with the plans, but pointed out one sector which the government are yet to address.

She said:  "There is one obviously glaring issue that this Action Plan fails to address. The top concern for disabled people right now is the cost-of-living crisis."

[ Playgrounds were developed in the 19th century when they were introduced by psychologists to help children develop a sense of fair play and manners. ]

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