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Dr George to speak to students about social media and mental health

Dr Alex George holding up a sample in a plastic bag

Dr Alex George has announced he will be speaking to students to discuss how social media is affecting their mental health.

The former Love Island contestant, who is also a doctor, is scheduled to visit the University of Leicester to encourage young people develop “positive mental health habits”.

Dr George was appointed the government mental health ambassador in 2021.

He has been campaigning for mental health support since his brother took his own life in 2020.

Dr George said: "Ensuring young people can talk openly about mental health and have early access to support is vital.

"I'm delighted to be working with the University of Leicester to encourage positive mental health habits.

"It's great to see the wealth of support and resources that are dedicated to helping students at Leicester through every stage of their university lives."

He intends to speak to the students about how social media can impact their wellbeing, the stigma attached to men’s mental health and the importance of early intervention.

The doctor will also share his personal struggles with mental illness and the barriers he faced at medical school.

Sarah Cavendish, head of student wellbeing and support services at the university, said: "We are extremely excited to be welcoming Dr Alex George to the university.

"We are committed in our focus on early intervention and enabling people to create positive, healthy habits that foster good mental health and wellbeing."

In 2021 Dr Alex George joined OnlyFans to post “videos around mental health, self-care and positivity”.

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