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Disabled man claims Apple Tech on Social care expenses

Colin Hughes being hoisted out of bed with a personal assistant

A quadriplegic man has successfully claimed expenses for Apple Tec, which he relies on for his daily routine.

Colin Hughes, needs a personal assistant to operate a ceiling-mounted hoist in the mornings to lift him out of bed into his wheelchair.

Part of the service is subsidised by the local government, but Mr Hughes is expected to pay towards the cost.

The price of disability-related expenses can be deducted to lower the cost, Hughes asked for the cost of his iPhone and Apple Watch to be included. But his request was overridden by the government.

To highlight to the authorities how vital technology is to his daily lifestyle Hughes recorded a video showing the voice-activated device Siri helping him carry out everyday tasks, such as answering the front door and making phone calls.

Hughes’ plan worked, his assessor understood how important Apple Tec was to Hughes and changed their mind, adding the technology to his disability-related expenditure. 

The assessor was so impressed they asked Hughes permission to share his video to their work colleagues.

They sent him an email saying: ‘Thank you for sharing the video with me. It is a real eye-opener for me and I will pass this on to the members of the financial assessment team, as we all need to be more open-minded as to what is disability related expenditure. If you are happy for me to do so I will use your video as part of a learning session for the team.’

The question we are asking ourselves now is…Can we claim a Tinder Gold subscription on PIP?

[ Apple has more money than the US government ]

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