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Disabled dogs enjoy day out at the seaside

disabled rescue dogs on the beach

It’s not unusual for us Brits to flock to the seaside when there’s the first glimpse of sunshine, but last week it was the four legged creatures who wanted to catch a few rays.

Known as the ‘handicans’ a group of disabled rescue dogs were taken down to Formby beach thanks to the staff from Greater Manchester’s kennel-free sanctuary, Dogs4Rescue where they witnessed the seaside for the very first time.

The canines, Bran, Clive, Odin, Laika and Lollipop were allowed to run around the beach and splash in puddles.

But the fun day out was a million miles away from the heart-breaking years they suffered before they were rescued.

Bran, 6, was found paralysed on a Spanish roadside after being hit by a car five days beforehand. Lollipop, 2, was rescued from Ukraine where she was abandoned as a puppy because she was paralysed and Laika, 10, became the sanctuary’s first rescue dog ten years ago after she was left incontinent being shot by a restaurant owner in Bulgaria.

Dogs4Rescue has recently opened its new 41 acre sanctuary and rehabilitation centre, but is relying on donations so they can rescue more dogs…and trips to the seaside.

[ To make a donation to Dogs4Rescue please go to the charity’s fundraising page. ]

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