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Disabled cat wanders off up a canyon in viral TikTok video

Penny the cat on top of a canyon

A cat owner was startled to find his beloved pet had gone for a wander halfway up a canyon mountain.

The feline known as Penny has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which “makes her a little wobbly and off balance”.

When her owner uploaded a video on TikTok of a shocked woman inside a van when she spotted the cat on the rocks, the clip went viral.

In the film you can hear the man behind the camera laughing “Oh my God. Penny, what are you doing? She’s literally up a canyon wall.”

The footage cuts to a shot of Penny tripping over a few times as she attempts to climb down the canyon due to her condition.

But, as the TikTok user explains, “that doesn’t stop her from exploring everywhere she can”, as we see Penny crawl down the mountainside to be reunited with her owner, who calls the cat a “Good girl”.

The videographer tells the feline, “Penny, you are incredible,” with her owner adding, “She’s unstoppable.”

As you can imagine, the video sparked a number of comments from viewers impressed by Penny’s adventurous streak.

One person replied, “I think she may have been a mountain goat in a past life.”

A second said: “Penny wanted to prove something there.”

Some viewers encouraged the owner to buy Penny a “hawk eye” - a vest, according to the product’s website, that “creates a shield that is extremely difficult to puncture.”

[ Penny’s video has been watched over 44.5 million times since being uploaded on 30th March. ]

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