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Dame Judi supports overturning York’s blue badge ban

dame judi dench

Dame Judi Dench has added weight behind a campaign trying to overturn a ban on blue badge parking in York.

In November 2021 York council announced blue badge holders would no longer be permitted to park in the town centre’s pedestrianised areas causing uproar from local disabled residents.

This week a campaign to change the stipulation was backed by Dame Judi which was welcomed by Marilyn Crawshaw from the Reverse The Ban group.

Crawshaw said having the support from the highly acclaimed actress was “a great boost” and the group was “absolutely delighted” that the Bond star has added her name to their cause.

Dame Judi, who was born in Heworth, York, said: "York city centre is a rare jewel that should be free for all to enjoy, including those with a disability and for whom accessible parking is essential.

"As someone living with sight loss, I know only too well how gaining access to places can be exceptionally difficult.

"York city centre should be fully accessible through these types of schemes.

"I should like to offer my wholehearted support to people in the City of York who are asking the local council to reconsider any ban to the blue badge scheme in the city centre."

Ms Crawshaw said "When we have somebody like Dame Judi Dench coming out and supporting us it's a great boost to us.

"It's lovely to think that somebody with such a high profile is willing to speak out."

Crawshaw added Dame Judi’s support was "particularly heart-warming and encouraging and we hope it will help the situation change."

York council introduced the ban to coincide with the instalment of anti-terror measures to prevent the risk of so-called hostile vehicle attacks.

[ Students from the University of York have conducted research into the way counter-terror measures could be reconciled with meeting the rights of disabled people. ]

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