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Baby is born with two heads

baby born with two heads

A mother expecting twins was shocked when she gave birth to a baby with two heads, three hands and two hearts.

In most cases the rare condition dicephalic parapagus leads to a stillbirth, but the miracle baby survived.

Doctors had told Shaheem Khan from Ratlam, India, she would be having twins, after a scan did not pick up on the baby’s physical disability.

It is yet unclear if the pregnancy is being classed as conjoined twins or one child. Local media refer to the baby as a rare form of partial twinning.

Dr. Lahoti, a medic at the hospital where Khan gave birth, said: "These kinds of cases are rare and the condition of babies remains uncertain, especially in the initial days.

"Due to this, we have kept them under observation.

"We have not planned for any surgery on the patient."

Shaheem Khan remains in the district hospital in Ratlam.

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