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Edwards syndrome
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Also known at trisomy 18 Edward’s Syndrome is a serious genetic condition which is present in babies carrying three copies of chromosome 18 instead of two.

Babies with Edward’s Syndrome will weigh lighter than average and 50% will die within a fortnight, one in five will live for at least three months, one in twelve will live more than a year with severe physical and mental disabilities. It is rare a child with the illness to reach adulthood.

Physical signs of Edward’s Syndrome include low set ears, extremely smooth feet, a small jaw and mouth, a cleft lip and palate, long fingers which overlap, exomphalos – intestines held in a sac outside the stomach and an abnormally small sized head.

Symptoms include bone abnormalities, learning disabilities, bone abnormalities, problems with breathing, feeding problems, hernias in the tummy and heart and kidney problems.

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