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Election 2010 Manifestos

This week ABLE2 is taking a look at how the three main parties are addressing disability issues in the run up to Thursday's election. We appreciate this isn't the most interesting piece of journalism we have ever covered, but let's face it, what other topic is dominating the news at the moment?


Rough guide to fMRI

Two weeks ago we told you about National Doodle Day. The idea was to encourage everyone in the UK to sketch something on a special doodle pad and raise cash for epilepsy - let's face it, it was a crap idea! The day went down like a Channel 5 Reality TV Show and not many people knew it even happened. So, it's a damn good job that researchers from the National Society for Epilepsy have rubbed their thinking heads together with those at the Institute of Neurology and have found that a FMRI scan could trace the roots of the condition.


Teenage Cancer Trust

From day one I made a point of not mentioning any of my friends or family whilst writing an article for ABLE2UK. I saw little point in it. ABLE2UK is not one of these personal diary websites where you read about someone you have never met and probably never will. Today I'm breaking that tradition. I want to tell you about two friends of mine, one called 'Mark' and the other, 'Liam'.


Paid visits to Hampshire

The Conservative Party have once again turned their greedy backs on disabled people. Ever since Cameron and his mob have come into power people with disabilities seem to have been neglected despite the leader losing his son to cerebral palsy.


Fat lot of good!

49-year old Paul Mason had a guilt complex; A guilt complex so bad that he attempted suicide, not once - but three times.


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