We Will Rock You

we will rock you
we will rock you

Outside the Southampton branch of Boots stands a 15ft statue of one of the world’s greatest showmen, Freddie Mercury. There’s good reason why the pharmacy is in the shadow of such an iconic figure for the following five weeks, the musical ‘We Will Rock’ is in town which features the classic hits from Queen.

Even though the musical is celebrates its tenth anniversary next May those who haven’t seen the show may be under the impression the story revolves around the band itself. This isn’t the case; the script doesn’t involve five blokes conquering the music charts, a flamboyant bi-sexual and a long haired rock god fiddling with his guitar on the top of Buckingham Palace.

The story itself is complex which unfortunately explains the negative press coverage the show received when it first opened at London’s Dominon Theatre in 2002. Unlike other musicals, such as Mama Mia which relies on the music holding a fairly straight-forward dialogue ‘We Will Rock You’ complicated synopsises is set 300 years into the future where musical instruments are prohibited and rock music unheard of. Queen resemblances are mashed into the storyline as we follow ‘Galileo’ adventures as he tries to understand the meaning of lyrics he hears inside his head.

His quest is hindered by the ‘Killer Queen’ who rules the Globalsoft Corporation, which governs Planet Mall, which, just to make the story slightly more complicated, used to be called Earth. Anyway, to cut the story short, Galileo teams up with a woman (who he Christians Scaramouche) after being captured by the Globalsoft police, Khashoggi. The pair escapes and meets Bohemians Brit and Meat who accuse them of being spies because Galileo keeps quoting words from the ‘sacred text.’ After proving the Bohemians wrong Galileo and Scaramouche are taken to the Heartbreak Hotel which is in Tottenham Court Road, the same place where the Dominon Theatre was 300 years ago...And that’s only Act One!

The story concludes at Wembley Stadium, but if you think we are going to explain the second half you got another think coming!

The play was written by Ben Elton after he was approached by Brian May and despite the criticism We Will Rock You is saved by a feel-good atmosphere and of course unbeatable music and with worldwide productions aside with a potential sequel it would be a safe bet to predict more high-street stores will have rock-god statues outside for quite a few years to come.

We Will Rock You is on at London’s Dominon Theatre as well as touring the UK...

Now – 28th May    Southampton Mayflower Theatre

6th June – 2nd July   Aberdeen His Majesty’s Theatre

5th July – 6th August Birmingham Hippodrome

6th – 24th September Liverpool Empire

26th September – 8th October Sunderland Empire

11th – 30th October – Bristol Hippodrome

1st – 26th November – Leeds Grand Theatre

29th November – 7th January 2012 – Edinburgh Playhouse

If you wish us to check wheelchair and assessable availably at any of these theatres please drop us an email at giving us 48 hours notice including the date and the access you require.