Walk up the BT Tower for Charity

BT Tower
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Standing 177 meters from the streets of London the BT Tower is one of the tallest landmarks in the city, to reach the top all one has to do is jump in the lift and press the button for the 37 th floor. There is another route to the top floor. Stairs. 842 of them.

You may be thinking, who in the right mind would punish one self to climb the tower by walking up over eight hundred steps? But this September the staircase at the Tower will be more busy then a telephone exchange on Christmas Day.

It’s hoped hundreds of people will sign up for the BT Tower Climb on 24 September 2011 to raise money for Action on Hearing Loss, the new title for RNID, which is celebrating its first century this year.

Registration is £35 and the sponsorship pledge is £165. From 9.15am through to 4.15pm on September 24, teams will be walking up the tower; luckily the lift will take them back to the ground floor, although our sick and twisted minds can’t help thinking how ironic it would be if the elevator packs up on this particular date!

The overall activity will take around 1.5 to 2 hours, and we hate to say this, but if you are in a may take a bit longer!

The reason for the event, apart from having a splendid view over the city after you have reached the top, is to encourage everyone to go for a hearing test.

For more information take a stroll to the action for hearing website