Blind Truth

Blind Truth

We all enjoy a good read don’t we? Well, most of us do anyway; which is why ABLE2uk wishes to bring your attention to a bloke called Gordon Anthony.

Back in 2010 Gordon published his debut novel, ‘In the Shadow of the Wall’ which tells the tale of Brude, a Pictish warrior who returns home after being a captive Gladiator.

Anyway on with the link to disabilities, Gordon lost his eyesight in 2008, but that didn’t stop him putting pen to paper and continue his writing skills. Thanks to a snazzy software package the 54-year-old author has just completed ‘A Walk in the Dark’ which is available to download for free on his website,

The publication follows Gordon adventures since losing his eyesight.

Gordon says, "I have had a lot of mishaps since I lost my eyesight. Friends and family are always laughing when I tell them what has happened to me. Some of them suggested that I should write a book about it, so here it is. It is intended to be light-hearted but also has a serious message which I hope people will appreciate. It is too short to turn into a proper book, so I thought I would do something useful with it in the hope of raising some funds for the RNIB."

So, if you fancy a good read which most of us do (think we covered that already) head over to and if you enjoy the story donate a few quid to the RNIB.