Police assault a disabled teenage boy

bernard hogan-howe
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The only way we can refer to the 19 year old lad is ‘ZH’ as his name has been disclosed from media attention. ZH has suffered enough humiliation for his identity to be shared by the general public, he was restrained by the Metropolitan Police, handcuffed, thrown in jail and had his human rights taken away from him.

Bernard Hogan-Howe, we can name him. He’s the commissioner who carried out this ruthless injustice on the teenage lad three years ago after an incident at a swimming pool in Acton. We should also point out ZH is disabled, he has autism and epilepsy.

Despite walking away from a court hearing this week with £28,250 covering damages from the assault ZH hasn’t received something much more important, something which no sum of money can buy, an apology from Hogan-Howe.

The assault happened when ZH, then aged 16, jumped into the pool fully clothed. Being too strong to be physically removed from the pool he was moved to more shallow water allowing lifeguards to help him out of the water. When ZH was pulled to safety he was handcuffed by two police officers, his legs were restrained, thrown in a cage at the back of a police car and was trapped in the small environment until he was calmed down and given permission to leave the premises with his careers. The incident gave ZH post-traumatic stress.