Airline fined over disabled passenger


Ryan air haven’t had the most positive forms of publicity since their airline jetted off in 1985. There’s been the controversial news story that the airline was considering charging its customers £1 to use the toilets.

 Two advertisements, one seeing a Belgian statue urinating on a child with the headline, "Pissed off with Sabena's high fares? Low fares have arrived in Belgium." another carrying the slogan "Expensive Bastards!" comparing their low prices against British Airways fares didn't give do the company any favors either.

Expansive bowl movements and questionable market campaigns can be brushed under the runway as time flies by, but the Irish airlines have recently found themselves with another dispute which could damage their reputation dramatically after being found guilty leaving a wheelchair-bound passenger stranded at Luton airport, In 2008 multiple sclerosis sufferer, Jo Heath was refused help when she asked onto the aircraft, her husband Paul had to give her a fireman's lift.

Paul Heath said: "I'm not terribly impressed with the pay-out but it's not a question of money. It's about standing up for people with disabilities."

Ryanair were fined £1,750 in a Northumberland court this week, but are set to appeal on the basis under European Union Law the airport are responsible assisting passengers with special needs.

The airline may have considered charging passengers a quid to use their loos, but it has cost them over a grand themselves taking the piss!