ABLE2 speaks to Winterbourne View after BBC Documentary.

Assault at Winterbourne View
Assault at Winterbourne View Image credit:

We know the NHS doesn’t always provide the most professional healthcare, but in comparison to Winterbourne View we don’t have much to argue about.

The residential home in Bristol which houses those with learning difficulties and autism is the subject of yesterday’s Panorama programme tonight – which should tell you already that things aren’t going well for the patients!

Thirteen employees from the care home have been suspended after torturing the disabled residents after carrying out indecent acts of bullying including dragging clothed patients into showers, slapping them around and hollering verbal abuse. These barbaric forms of intimidation have been caught on secret cameras, shown on last night’s BBC documentary.

The BBC reacted to a response from Terry Bryan, a concerned senior nurse, formally working at Winterbourne.

"These are all people's sons, daughters, parents, aunties, uncles. These are all people who have got families… the families themselves do not know what goes on there." Mr Bryan told the BBC Panorama programme.

Terry also voiced his opinions to the management at Winterbourne View and the Care Quality Commission, but his concerns were ignored.

Regional director at the Care Quality Commission Ian Biggs, now probably aware of the publicity tonight’s programme will bring made a vain attempt to backtrack his companies mistakes,

“Had we acted at that time, as we have done now, we can act very quickly to cease that kind of treatment.

"We missed that chance and we are sorry for that and we're doing everything we can now to make sure we're responding properly." He said.

The vulnerable patients at Winterbourne have been moved to safety whilst investigations are taking place.

We thought we would call Castlebeck Winterbourne View on 01454 252120, they replied...

“As you saw on last night’s Panorama Programme we have put out an official statement and it’s now in the police hands.”

We also spoke to Rebecca Hill, a representative of Castlebeck who told us that she was ‘Shocked and Upset’ after watching the programme.