Police assault a disabled teenage boy

The only way we can refer to the 19 year old lad is ‘ZH’ as his name has been disclosed from media attention. ZH has suffered enough humiliation for his identity to be shared by the general public, he was restrained by the Metropolitan Police, handcuffed, thrown in jail and had his human rights taken away from him.


ABLE2UK visits a Concentration Camp

Once past the gates of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp the lives of the prisoners of war would change forever. This cruel and inhumane prison with its barbaric torture procedures still stands today just outside Berlin in a town called Oranienburg.


Disability and Comedy

The Edinburgh Fringe festival kicks off today and for the next month Scotland’s capital will be showcasing the best and worse in comedy talent.


Walk up the BT Tower for Charity

Standing 177 meters from the streets of London the BT Tower is one of the tallest landmarks in the city, to reach the top all one has to do is jump in the lift and press the button for the 37 th floor. There is another route to the top floor. Stairs. 842 of them.


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