Survey shows UK lacks disabled travel access

It goes without saying people with disabilities have every right to travel as much as those who are able-bodied. In today’s society our opening sentence seems dated, surely public transport and airports cater for those with physical limitations?


Hampton Court - Accessibility Information

Winter can be a difficult time if you fancy getting out and about. Most theme parks are closed, animals at zoos are normally huddling in their wooden boxes trying to keep warm and something tells us a percentage of our disabled readership don’t fancy jetting off on a skiing holiday.


Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland - Access Information

The view is magnificent, over there we can see the London Eye, to its left, the Houses of Parliament and over in the distance the BT Tower. Unfortunately our panoramic view of the Capital city won't last for long as within the next thirty seconds we will plunge 66 feet down to the ground.


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