Survey shows UK lacks disabled travel access

disabled seat at an airport
disabled seat at an airport Image credit:

It goes without saying people with disabilities have every right to travel as much as those who are able-bodied. In today’s society our opening sentence seems dated, surely public transport and airports cater for those with physical limitations?

As you can probably gather the answer is ‘No’. A staggering nine out of ten people interviewed by Adapted Vehicle Hire and Tourism for All charities have said they are unable to travel due to the lack of disabled facilities provided at train stations and airports.

Those living in London said accessibility isn’t too bad in comparison the rest of the country, although poor access still remains on the Underground system.

It isn’t all negative news though; disabled people living in the South seem to be happy with the access which is provided to them, especially those in Cornwall and Devon.

A spokesperson for Tourism For All said the charity appreciates some areas in the UK, such as historic and rural sites would be difficult to modify to sufficient accessibility standards, yet places such as airports have the ability to adapt to meet all their passengers requirements.

The survey, which comes just after the Paralympics hopes the results have come at an ideal timing because the games themselves have addressed the whole country, if not the world, to disability issues.

For more information ‘travel’ to the Adapted Vehicle Hire website and Tourism For All website.