Government launch Survey to improve disabled access at Sporting Events

disabled fans at emirates stadium
disabled fans at emirates stadium Image credit:

Disabled? Sports fan? Attend games? Well, there’s the first batch of questions out of the way and if you answered ‘yes’ to all three the government would like to hear from you.

Don’t worry, they aren’t going to tax you or take away your seating benefits – they actually want to improve your sporting enjoyment and all they are asking for is a few minutes of your time.

The ‘catchy’ title of the ‘Disabled people’s experience of spectator sports’ survey is reaching out to as many of the 12 million people across the UK with a disability.

Focusing on a range of facilities such as wheelchair access, hearing loops, parking, accessible toilets and how disabled people are catered for generally at games the survey follows concern raised last year over Premier League clubs and their lack of accessibility.

In 2014 statistics showed under a half of the Premier League football grounds offer inadequate spaces for fans in wheelchairs.

Minister of state for disabled people, Mark Harper, said: "For too long in this country disabled sports fans have been treated like second class citizens at many sporting venues.

"Yet 25 per cent of us have an impairment, and disabled people and their households have a spending power of over £200bn."

Jayce Cook, from the Level Playing Field charity added: “The experience of disabled sports fans varies across the country.

“Our research shows that many clubs are operating what seem to be discriminatory policies when it comes to season and away tickets. And if you can actually get there, the inability to sit with your own fans, poor sight lines and the lack of accessible provisions can be so bad that you would have had a better experience watching it on TV.

“That’s not acceptable and it’s time all clubs and venues took their legal obligations seriously – and recognised the value of the purple pound.”

To take part in the survey click here.