ELECTION 2015: Access advice at Polling Stations

sign outside a polling station
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Tomorrow it’s eventually draws to a close. After weeks of party political broadcasts, leaders debates, fake promises and P45’s being issued out to UKIP candidates the public vote for the government who will run the country for the next five years. 

Last month Kingston council were sued for an inadequate accessibility at its polling station. The council promised standards will be raised in time for 7 May. What are those standards? Well…Read on and we will guide you through them.

Every polling station should be easily identified, if there is an accessible entrance this should be clearly marked. As soon as you enter one of the first things you should see is the ‘Guidance for voters’.

For people with visual impairments you should find ballot papers with large print, you can also request large hand-held or tactile copies. When it comes to posting your voting slip ballot boxes should have a white strip around the slot. Buildings should also provide adequate lighting.

If you are driving there should be a space reserved for blue badge holders, so they can park up and vote for any party after than Conservatives – so they can keep their badge!

Access to the buildings should be as simple as putting a cross inside a box. Councils are required to put out a ramp and have no obstacles blocking entrances to their polling stations. Access routes should have opened doors and any mats which could be a hindrance must have been removed.

It should be easy to reach the booths, whether you are a wheelchair user or not and agents are requested to help you if you need any assistance. You should also find low level booths inside the polling stations.

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