Festival access reviews

Glastonbury Festival

pyramid stage at Glastonbury

FESTIVAL: Glastonbury

WHERE: Worthy Farm, Pilton

WHEN:  26 - 30 June 2024

HEADLINERS:  Dua Lipa, Coldplay, SZA


There are no separate weekend tickets for festival goers with access requirements. Anyone wanting to attend the festival must register and book tickets in one of the ticket sales.

Tickets for Glastonbury have now sold out.

As part of the festival's ongoing efforts against ticket touting, anyone who would like to attend the Festival will need to have registered in advance of the ticket sale. You can retrieve details of your existing registration here.

Any registrations submitted prior to 2020 require reviewing and confirmation before 30th September 2023, with any non-confirmed registrations being deleted on 2nd October 2023 and you will be required to submit a new registration before you can try and book tickets for the 2024 Festival and future years.

Please click here for full details on each of the ticket sales.


All festival goers (including children 12 years and under) needing to use any of the access facilities, including the PA ticket scheme, must complete the festival's online access application form, and have a valid Nimbus Access Card or Nimbus Glastonbury Access Pass.

Access to the facilities will be provided to customers based on the symbols on their Nimbus Access Card or Nimbus Glastonbury Access Pass.

Please click here to be taken to a document that explains what the different Access Card symbols mean and the guidance set by Nimbus on what facilities at the festival these would give access to.

The deadline for Access Applications is the 30th April 2024, however we would recommend people submitted these earlier to avoid missing out on facilities.

Please email the Access Team to request the link to the festivals online access application – [email protected]

The Nimbus Access Card

Glastonbury is proud to partner with Nimbus Disability and The Access Card, one of the largest disability accreditation organisations who are now helping the festival improve and protect our access provision. Nimbus Disability is Queen’s Award-winning Social Enterprise and an organisation run by and for disabled people and is recognised as a lead authority in accessibility.

Festival goers wanting to apply for any of the festivals access facilities, including the festivals PA Ticket Scheme, must now have either a ‘Glastonbury Access Pass’ or be a current Access Card holder. 

Applications for the Glastonbury Access Pass will be undertaken and submitted through Nimbus Disability. The Glastonbury Access Pass is a free pass that will be valid for 3 years, so you will be able to use this at subsequent festivals. There is also the option to upgrade to an Access Card for £15 and you will be able to use this across live music venues, events, and tourist attractions across the UK and beyond! 

Existing Access Card holders do not need to re-apply; you will just need to supply your card number with your Glastonbury Festival Access Provision Application.

The team at Nimbus Disability will process your Glastonbury Access Pass application within 72 hours and you will be provided with a unique reference number which can then be used to complete your Glastonbury Festival Access Provision Application Form. 

Nimbus Disability operate this scheme for the majority of the UK’s entertainment, ticketing, and leisure venues in the UK and worldwide, as such, they will handle all your details and information securely and safely. 

To apply for the Glastonbury Access Pass please click here.

Festival goers unable to attend the festival without the support of a Personal Assistant (PA) and have the +1 requirement on their Access Card or Glastonbury Access Pass can request an additional festival ticket at no extra cost. To apply for the Glastonbury Access Pass please click here.

Once you have paid your ticket deposit in one of the November ticket sales you must complete the festivals Access Application Form and provide your Access Card/ Pass number. 

The deadline for Access Applications is the 30th April 2024, however we would recommend people submitted these earlier to avoid missing out on facilities.

PA Ticket Scheme Terms and Conditions

  • Festival goers wishing to apply for a PA ticket must have paid the deposit on their own ticket in one of the November ticket sales before applying.
  • Glastonbury asks that only festival goers that would be unable to attend the Festival without the support of a PA apply for the scheme. Customers found making a false application will have their Festival tickets cancelled.
  • PA tickets are provided with the understanding that the PA is willing and able to assist the access customer with the access application process (if required), as well as throughout their entire stay at the festival.
  • PA’s must arrive and leave the festival with the access customer they are supporting and must be able to perform all requirements as needed by the access customer, including assistance during an evacuation or other emergency.
  • The scheme is not run on a first come first served basis.
  • The PA ticket scheme is only available to ticket holders so children under the age of 13 are not eligible for the scheme.
  • Those people attending on PA tickets should be over the age of 18 unless otherwise agreed with the Access Team.
  • People attending on PA tickets must have a valid festival registration.


The Accessible Campsite is in Spring Ground which is on the west side of the festival site next to the Woodsies Tent (formally John Peel tent). It is a calm, friendly space stewarded 24/7 throughout the festival. You will find the following facilities within this campsite;

  • Wheelchair accessible and standard unisex toilets
  • Wheelchair adapted showers for use by our access customers only. PA’s and other members of your group will not be able to use these showers. The showers are prioritised to those with the Access Wristbands who require them for medical/ health reasons.
  • Charging facilities for wheelchairs and medical equipment
  • Changing Places unit featuring a changing bed, toilet, sink and hoist. Please note that hoist slings will not be available. If you wish to use this unit please bring your own slings.
  • Accessible sinks and freshwater points
  • Fridge for secure medication storage
  • Hot water for cooking and drinks
  • Waste disposal point
  • Rubbish points, including separate medical waste and separate sharps bins.
  • Campsite HQ

Communal campfire

The Campsite Hub is also based in the accessible campsite and is a space for customers to take some time out when needed and shelter from the sun or rain. A support desk provides advice and information to access customers. A team of volunteer practitioners also offer free daily taster treatments such as massage, reflexology and reiki which you can book to fit in with your Festival schedule.

If an electric power supply is required for a medical device, you must request this in the Access Application Form and provide documentation that confirms why this is essential.


  • Due to limited space and the demand on the facilities in the campsite, access customers staying in the accessible campsite can have a maximum of 3 other people stay with them. This number includes PA’s and children 13 years and over. Children 12 and under are not included in this number but are of course welcome to stay with you in this field.
  • If you want to camp in a larger group, you can do this in one of the public fields near to the accessible campsite and still be given access to the facilities within this field if required.
  • We appreciate some customers might need to use a larger tent for access reasons but friends/ family staying with you cannot bring oversized tents. If this happens there is the danger, we will run out of space in the campsite. We ask that a group of 4 brings a maximum of 2 tents.
  • Please note gazebos are not allowed in the accessible campsite. If they are put up, they will be removed.


Wicket Ground accessible campervan field is located next to Spring Ground accessible campsite. Spaces in this field are limited and are reserved for festival goers that are not able to camp due to their disability. Wheelchair accessible toilets and charging facilities for wheelchairs and medical equipment are available in this area. Access customers can also use the facilities in the Spring Ground accessible campsite.

Campervan & caravan tickets for Wicket Ground can only be requested and bought via the Access Team by completing the online Access Application Form.

These spaces always sell out very early so customers are advised to complete their access application form as soon as it is available.

Only campervans/ caravans under 8m long can be accommodated in the Accessible Campsite.


We have a reserved accessible campervan area in the East Campervan fields for festival goers with access requirements. Wheelchair accessible toilets and charging facilities for wheelchairs and medical equipment are available in this area.

Festival goers wanting to apply for an East Accessible Campervan Space must firstly secure a standard East Campervan ticket. 

Once you have secured this East standard ticket you can then request for this to be upgraded to an East Accessible Campervan space.

Only campervans/ caravans under 8m long can be accommodated in the East Campervan Fields, including the Accessible area.


Campervans/ caravans that are 8m and over in length can be accommodated at the Bath & West Showground.

Charging facilities are not available at the Bath & West Showground.



There will be viewing platforms at all the main stages. These raised platforms are solely for festival goers that need to be seated to be able to watch the performances, plus one accompanying person.

Festival goers that require access to these platforms will need to apply for a Viewing Platform (VP) pass.  This can be requested through this application form.

The viewing platforms get very busy so can be overwhelming for customers who find crowded spaces difficult.

Festival goers using electric scooters will be asked to park these at the bottom of the ramps in a designated space so that more space is available on the viewing platforms.

Chairs are not provided on any of the platforms., however access customers and 1 accompanying person can bring their own chairs to use on these.

Every viewing platform has a team of Access Stewards checking wristbands and ensuring customers are using the space safely. Viewing Platform are run on a first come first serve basis, once these are at capacity stewards will close the platform and revert to a one off/ one on system.

Wheelchair charging points will be available on some of the viewing platforms.

Wheelchair accessible & standard toilets will be available at all viewing platforms.

Smoking is not permitted on any of the viewing platforms.

Anyone found to be misusing the viewing platforms or behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave the platform. If necessary, VP and PA passes will also be removed from offending customers.

At some stages/ tents there will also be ground level designated viewing areas.

Information on the location of all viewing platforms and viewing areas will be made available closer to the Festival.


There are both wheelchair accessible and standard toilets that are locked throughout the festival site so that only registered access customers can use them. Customers who require quick access to toilets due to having conditions such as IBS or IBD can apply to have access to these toilets.

Applications for access to these locked toilets must be submitted by the 30th April 2024.

Please note the access toilets are not flushing toilets and are not all located by hand washing stations. There will however always be the option of hand sanitizer in these toilets.


There is a Changing Places toilet located in the Accessible Campsite. This high dependency toilet unit contains an electric raised bed with a hoist above. Please note that hoist slings will not be available so should be brought by customers.


There will be a team of BSL Interpreters at the festival offering a free service to our D/deaf customers. Bookings can be made both in advance of the festival and during the event for this service. There will also be interpreters based at some of the spoken word stages throughout the event.

Glastonbury asks that anyone wanting to use this service does complete the Access Application Form so that we can ensure they receive all the relevant information on this service before the festival.


There will be induction loops installed at the Cabaret Tent, Astrolabe, Big Top Circus Tent, Cinema Tent and Leftfield Tent. There will also be a mobile loop system located in the Accessible Campsite HQ and the Information Tent located at the Meeting Point.

Guide / Assistance Dogs

The festival recognises that some festival goers rely on the assistance and support of a guide or assistance dog.

Glastonbury is a very large site where dogs would experience dense crowds, high levels of noise, lasers, strobes and pyrotechnics. It is therefore vital that any guide dog or assistance dog that is brought to the festival has received a high level of training.

Festival goers wanting to bring their trained guide dogs and assistance dogs must be able to show they have the ‘Assistance Dog’ symbol on their Nimbus Access Card/ Pass.

If you are authorised to bring a guide/ assistance dog to Glastonbury Festival, you would be required to camp in the accessible campsite or accessible campervan field. You would receive information on dog spending areas and waste disposal. You would be responsible for managing the hygiene of your dog whilst onsite, which includes clearing up their waste.

Visual Guides & Audio Described Tours

We are hoping to bring more areas of the festival to life for our blind and visually impaired customers by offering visual guides and audio described tours.

Please confirm in your application if you would like further information about this provision.

Sensory Calm Areas

The festival wants to be a safe and happy place for everyone to enjoy. However, the size of the site and the large crowds mixed in with all the different sounds, lights, smells and experiences can be overwhelming especially for customers with mental health, emotional and sensory issues.

There will be Sensory Calm Tents located in different locations within the festival. The aim of these spaces will be to provide a safe, low-level stimulation and recalibration zone for our neurodivergent festival goers. This will be created by using adjustable lighting, textures, and sounds. There will also be weighted blankets and ear defenders that people can use whilst in the spaces.

The spaces will be managed by a mixture of Autism specialists and neurodiverse volunteers who are passionate about the importance of calm spaces in busy, vibrant, and loud festival environments.

There will also be Welfare Centres providing experienced, caring and confidential help for all kinds of practical and personal problems. The Festival Branch of Samaritans are also onsite offering 24- hour emotional support from the Green Fields.

Wheelchair Hire

Both electric and manual wheelchairs will be available to hire in advance of the festival. More information on how to book one of these will be available in the Access Application Pack.

Wheelchair charging will be available at different locations throughout the festival site.



Both electric and manual wheelchairs will be available to hire in advance of the festival. More information on how to book one of these will be available in the Access Application Pack.

Wheelchair charging will be available at different locations throughout the festival site.


The Accessible Car Park is located via the Yellow Gate on the west of the site. This car park is only for festival goers with access requirements who have completed the online Access Application Form.

Parking tickets for the Accessible Car Park can only be purchased via the festivals Access Team.

Parking in this area is limited, so friends and family arriving in separate vehicles will not be able to use this car park.


There will be a wheelchair accessible shuttle bus service running during the festival.

This will initially run from the accessible car park taking access customers to the accessible campsite with their camping equipment. It will also then run through the festival from the accessible campsite to various drop off/pick up points around the site.

The shuttle service is only available to access customers plus 1 accompanying person.


Glastonbury Festival is an outdoor event taking place on 1500 acres of farmland in Somerset. The main festival site is within a grassy valley, which does mean there are hills, and the terrain is uneven in places. There are a mixture of stone and gravel paths throughout the site as well as some temporary trakways used to create temporary roads.

It is important to remember that the weather can have a massive impact on the ground conditions. During inclement weather some parts of the site may become muddy or water-logged. In hot weather some parts of the site may also become dusty.

The majority of the festival site is in the open air, so it is important that festival goers come prepared for all weather conditions.

There are different areas for customers to enjoy throughout the Festival site, below are details of the distances between these different areas and the accessible campsite.


Accessible Car Park = 900m

Pyramid Stage VP1 = 900m

Other Stage VP = 1km

Theatre & Circus Area = 1.8km

Deafzone Tent = 1.3km

Late Night Area = 2km

East Campervan Field = 1.6km

Festival Bus Station = 700m

Pyramid Stage VP2 = 750m

The Park = 1.8km

West Holts VP = 1.8km

Green Fields = 2km

Kids Field = 1.2km

Big Ground Medical = 950m


Late Night Area = 200m

Acoustic Tent = 550m

Deafzone Tent = 670m

Kids Field = 500m

East Campervan Field = 700m

Green Fields = 800m

West Holts VP = 400m

Leftfield Tent = 600m

Pyramid Stage VP1 = 950m

Big Ground Medical = 1.3km


The Park VP = 550m

Other Stage VP = 350m

Leftfield Tent = 900m

Green Fields = 950m

West Holts VP = 1.2km

Silver Hayes = 420m


Please note the access facilities are not for people with temporary impairments such as broken bones, healing wounds or women who are pregnant.

Unfortunately, the Festival cannot offer closer parking, reserve camping or assistance getting on/ off and around the site to people with temporary impairments.


The first Glastonbury Festival took place in 1970, the ticket price was £1 which included a ‘free’ pint of milk on arrival.



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