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Disabled Access at Polling Stations

lady in wheelchair at polling station

Seeing as our ancestors fought for us to have the right to vote it seems only our rightful place to take part in tomorrow’s local elections and there’s no excuse to use the old ‘I can’t vote tomorrow because I’m disabled’ trick as polling stations across the UK have made it easier for all to participate.

The first thing to take into account is that accessibility has been improved at most polling stations; you should find a ramp or an entrance at street level.

Ballot papers now come equipped with large print editions so you can make sure you don’t accidentally vote for the Liberal Democrats. You can also ask for a device to e attached to your ballot paper to make things even easier as it includes Braille and raised numbers. Before you enter the ballot booths the staff, which will probably be some old bloke with nothing better to do with their time, will read out the candidate numbers to you.

You can take a college with you if you require added assistance and as long as they complete a form your companion is entitled to take you into the booth.

If you are really stuck give the elector a shout and they can mark your ballot paper on your behalf, don’t worry as they are bound by law to carry out this procedure correctly and efficiently.

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