Star Wars series leads the way in diversity

the bad bunch
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Even in a galaxy far far away inclusion is being taken into consideration, take for example the latest release in the Star Wars franchise.

In The Bad Batch we meet a group of characters with disabilities, not just those portrayed as villains which for some unknown reason is often the case.

Star Wars fans will be no strangers to them, they first appeared in The Clone Wars as part of a mini storyline that sparked interest around their difference in appearance, behaviour and personality.

Classed as “imperfect” there is a clear similarity between these characters from outer space to those with a disability back on earth.

But unlike in The Milky Way those perceived as being different face little prejudice, in fact they are seen as superior beings using their physical appearance as a method of completing missions out of reach from others and travelling to places inaccessible to their peers.

By releasing a spin-off series which champions disability Star Wars has used the force to lead the way for other blockbusting franchise’s to follow.

The films have touched on disability in the past, Darth Vader lost both his legs and his remaining arm. Maul resurfaced in The Clone Wars after his apparent death by Obi-Wan as a character trying to come to terms with losing his legs. The Bad Batch

On the hero side Luke Skywalker lost a hand fighting his father, just like Anakin in Attack of the Clones. Then there’s Kanan Jarrus losing his sight when he was attacked by Maul in Star Wars: Rebels.

But unlike past characters those in The Bad Batch are born with a disability, apart from Echo who suffers PTSD as a result of Separartist abuse. Because of this their physical limitations are not related to a battle between good and evil, it’s just a part of them regardless of which side they are on.

There is a further nod to mental health when we realise the reason Crosshair formed an awkward relationship with his fellow team members was because his inhibitor chip was still partly operating, but when the chip is “intensified” by the Empire it takes away his ability to independently choose which path he wishes to take.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is streaming now on Disney Plus.