93% of UK homes are not accessible

Wheelchair user in his kitchen
Wheelchair user in his kitchen Image credit:

A report has revealed 93% of the 8.5 million rental homes across the UK are not accessible for people with disabilities.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission, who carried out the study, are now calling for the government to take appropriate action.

Chairman of the commission David Isaac said: "Accommodation for disabled people in this country is not acceptable.

"The lack of accessible housing stops disabled people from being able to live independently."

Chief executive of Leonard Cheshire disability Neil Heslop said the figures show a "shocking indictment of how disabled people have largely been forgotten in the housing priorities of local and national government".

Only about four in ten new homes are being built to accommodate people with disabilities despite the number of disabled people increasing and just seven council authorities have taken formal or informal action against a developer who fails to reach the target.

A spokesperson for the Department of Housing, Communities & Local Government said: "We expect landlords to adapt properties for tenants. We are clear they must not unreasonably withhold consent if they are asked to make changes to homes."

The government will be putting almost £1bn towards adapting homes so they can be suitable for disabled people over the next two years.

The EHRC’s 18-month review revealed 365,000 disabled people are living in unsuitable accommodation.