Disabled people left behind after lockdown

woman sitting on a bed with her back to the camera
woman sitting on a bed with her back to the camera Image credit:

A new study suggests disabled people are feeling anxious going out in public when the UK comes out of lockdown.

Yesterday, Monday June 14, the government announce the current restrictions due to be lifted on June 21 will now stay in place until July 19.

But according to research carried out from Sense 45 percent of people classed as clinically extremely vulnerable have lost their confidence after being advised to shield for an extended period of time.

Jane Manley has vision loss, she used to have no concerns going outside with her guide dog, but she now feels apprehensive leaving the house.

“Before, I was very independent and could do everything with my guide dog,” she told Morning Star.

“Now, I have lost a lot of confidence. When I go out, my heart rate is really high as I am so nervous.”

On one occasion Manley, 59, was shouted at when she accidentally bumped into them in the street.

She said: “They shouted: ‘People like you shouldn’t be out.’ This makes you feel unsure of yourself and knocks your confidence a lot.”

Two thirds said they were chronically lonely with half explaining they felt isolated because there had not been any local activities or open venues available over the past twelve months.

Sense chief Richard Kramer raised concerns disabled people could be left behind when Britain comes out of lockdown.

“The severe impact of the pandemic has meant that many disabled people are now fearful and anxious about going out into public, and unless we support and prioritise them, isolation and loneliness will become a bigger problem,” he said.

“We must recognise that cuts to services and reduced support have contributed to the isolation that people are experiencing, and reinstate community services, while ensuring mental health support is available for those that need it.”

A total of 37,729 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in England in the seven days to June 9 2021.