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Nominate your Able2UK heroes and losers

Want to nominate somebody as an Able2UK Hero or Loser?  Tweet us @Able2UK with #Able2Hero or #Able2Loser with your suggestions!

IAIN DUNCAN SMITH is the first ABLE 2 Loser

Iain Duncan Smith is our first ‘Loser of the Month’. He earns this prestigious award for replacing the Independent Living Fund with a new ‘risky’ disability allowance. Paying a visit to a factory without doing his homework and embarrassing himself in front of a handful of people.


600,000 people to lose disability benefits

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are launched today across Britain which are intended to target those falsely claiming disability benefits although charities believe a fifth of the 600,000 people being assessed, many of which have a genuine disability, could lose their finical support.


ABLE2UK interviews the DWP

Interviews can be awkward sometimes. Now and again a journalist will encounter somebody unwilling to give substantial replies to questions; sometimes the answers will be misleading yet in the case of Atos Healthcare and the DWP frustrations came when we had to chase for any replies at all.


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