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Woman waits over two hours for wheelchair at the airport

Queues at Manchester Airport
Queues at Manchester Airport Image credit:

A disabled woman was left waiting for more than two hours for a wheelchair arrived at Manchester Airport.

The anonymous traveller, originally from the Wirral, told Liverpool Echo she was ‘near to tears’ after people in the queue ‘fell on her’ at the ‘traumatic experience’ last week.

She eventually flew to Abu Dhabi with her husband on Monday, March 28, but the delay at the airport ruined the start of her holiday.

The woman, who is ‘totally reliant’ on her husband and other people, waited for two and a half hours for a wheelchair which eventually turned up just 20 before she was due to board the plane.

She said: "I've never experienced anything like my trip through Manchester Airport last week. It's normally very easy and smooth travelling as a disabled passenger and in 10 years of needing this service have never experienced what I did. I felt so anxious the whole time."

The couple had to ask for assistant checking in their luggage, when they passed through security it was a “nightmare” because they couldn’t find a security box to put their cases in.

Whilst queuing the woman said “people were falling” over her.

She told the Echo: "The worst was when we couldn't negotiate a wheelchair and bags at security. People were falling on me giving me looks as I was in their way, so my husband had to wheel me to one side and go and negotiate on his own."

It was ‘lucky’ the flight was delayed or the woman would had been stuck in the airport.

"It was such a relief getting onto the plane and being treated as a person,” she said.

The airport is experiencing long delays as the service gradually returns back to normal after the pandemic.

A spokesperson for Manchester Airport said: “We apologise to any customers who feel their experience at Manchester Airport has not met their expectation, and would like to assure them we are working to improve the situation as quickly as possible.

"The whole operation is experiencing resource challenges at present, but we are doing our best to mitigate these wherever we can. We will continue to work closely with airlines, handling agents, special assistance providers and other on-site partners to tackle these issues and deliver the best passenger experience we can in the circumstances.”

Manchester Airport was originally called Ringway Airport.