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Woman charged for attacking disabled neighbour

Lian Clayton
Lian Clayton Image credit:

A woman who punched a disabled neighbour after stabbing her sister has been started a prison sentence after a hearing at Liverpool Crown Court.

Lian Clayton from St Helens, Liverpool (pictured above) was convicted of pinning the 25-year-old vulnerable victim to the floor and stamping on her ribcage.

One of the neighbours came running to the rescue after they “heard the sounds of bones crunching” and a disabled woman “screaming in pain”.

In 2010 Clayton, who was 14 at the time, received a youth referral after she stabbed her sister.

Zahra Baqri, prosecuting, said there was past tension between Clayton and her neighbour Karren Bradshaw.

Clayton had confronted Bradshaw in the past when she received a message from the woman’s daughter, telling her to leave her mother alone.

Clayton turned up on Bradshaw’s doorstep asking “where’ that fat bastard” referencing her daughter.

When Bradshaw said she did not live with her daughter Clayton "punched her to the face a number of times" then "dragged her out of her own home whilst still punching her".

She said: "The victim lost consciousness and when she came to she was on the ground.

"At that point the victim was screaming for help."

Another neighbour, Julia Boyd, heard screams coming from the house and ran over to the scene where she was saw Clayton “sat struggling over” the woman pinning down her arms whilst she repeatedly punched her.

Barqi said: "The neighbour tried to help but was unable to do so. All she could manage was to hold the victim's hand to try and comfort her.

"Lian Clayton proceeded to stamp on Mrs Bradshaw's ribcage with her foot."

Boyd assisted Bradshaw to stand up before she saw admitted to hospital with a broken nose, bruising to the face and eyes which has resulted in loss of vision.

Clayton originally said she acted in “self-defence” but later admitted to causing bodily harm.

Three months following the attack Lian Clayton and her daughter Mary burgled Mrs Boyd and her husband.

They went to the Boyd’s house whilst Mrs Boyd was in hospital “receiving treatment for a fall” telling Mr Boyd they had locked themselves out of their house.

When Mr Boyd went to fetch a ladder he saw the Claytons enter his house but “didn’t think anything of it”.

But when he returned from the hospital he noticed his wife’s prescription medication, house keys, car keys and food had gone missing.

He later watched CCTV footage of Mary Clayton climbing into his bedroom window up a ladder.

Nick Cockrell, defending, asked the judge to take Clayton’s mental health conditions into account when issuing his sentence.

Cockrell said Lian had "quite a sad background in terms of her childhood and what is still quite a relatively young life" and she there was "an awful lot going on in Ms Clayton's life in the last few years"

The court heard Lian had been diagnosed with severe emotionally unstable personality disorder and "severe complex PTSD", both of which a doctor had found "contributed towards her behaviour in terms of the assault".

Judge Robert Lazarus said he took Lian Clyton’s mental health condition into account.