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Woman arrested for killing disabled people in German clinic

medics carrying a body on a stretcher out of Oberlin Clinic
medics carrying a body on a stretcher out of Oberlin Clinic Image credit:

A nursing assistant has been arrested on suspicion of ‘intentional homicide’ after four disabled people were found dead at a German care centre with their throats slashed.

The 51-year-old suspect drove home after work where she confessed to her husband she had killed them, he contacted the police reporting the murders which took place at the Oberlin Clinic in Potsdam, near Berlin.

Two of the people she murdered had been in care since they were children, the other two victims had problems breathing at night.

A fifth victim, a female in her forties, was wounded in the attack, but is currently in a stable condition.

The clinic, run by the Lutheran Church’s social welfare service, supports people with physical and mental disabilities, as well as those with vision loss, hearing loss and autism.

'We do not know the motive for the crime,' an investigator told Bild.

Police are not releasing any further details until the families of the victims have been notified whilst staff at the care centre are being offered psychological support.

A statement released by the facility said: 'Oberlin stands for self-sacrificing care by people for people. That makes yesterday's deed all the more incomprehensible.

'During this difficult time, we will stand by the side of the clinic, its patients, residents and employees.

'All of our concern and our sympathy goes to the relatives of those affected.

'Our condolences also go to the other residents who now have to live with the loss and to our colleagues in the Thusnelda-von-Saldern-Haus in Oberlin Lebenswelten.

'Our prayers continue to go to the resident who was seriously injured tonight.'

Potsdam’s premier Dietmar Woidke said he was ‘shocked by the horrible news’ and his ‘thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones.’

Bouquets of flowers, candles and cards have been left at the scene of the crime by local resiodents.

Matthias Fichtmueller, the clinic's theological director, said, 'We are stunned.

When the case has been wrapped up in the criminal justice system, we will still have to live with the wounds.'

Around 65 people live at the Oberlin Clinic, which employs more than 80 people.