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Tory MP believes Diabetes can be avoided by Improving people's Diets

Derek Thomas MP
Derek Thomas MP Image credit:

 Apparently diabetics bring the illness on themselves and the condition is "completely avoidable through good diet and exercise."

These are the thoughts shared by Conservative MP Derek Thomas who posted the message on his Facebook page last week.

His posting, which was later removed following complaints from constituents in Cornwall, received over a hundred replies from those affected by diabetes .

One reply read: "Being an ignorant human being is avoidable, not type 1 diabetes!"

Defending his error Thomas told the BBC he was advised by “two medical professionals” and was trying to raise awareness by encouraging people to improve their diets.

He went on to say: "I certainly got it wrong and I apologise for that. I certainly wasn't going out to intentionally upset a number of people that can do nothing about their ill health, so I do apologise for the way that was worded."

Thomas quickly removed the post last Saturday, but he wasn’t quick enough…As Derek Thomas you are now the embarrassing recipient of an ABLE2UK Loser.